2018/03/26 I will be spending a year at Stanford. How fortunate!
2017/08/04 My paper got accepted in the Asian Journal for Social Psychology! “Adult’s Amae as a Tool for Adjustment to a New Environment”
2017/04/12 My first book got published from Seishin-shobo pub"
2017/04/07 The new academic year has began. I am teaching Intro to Psych for the first time in two years.
2017/03/24 Four graduates embarked on a new stage of life. Congrats everyone!
2017/01/31 I got a research grant (Fund for the Promotion of Joint International Research) from the Ministry of Education that covers my research and travel expenses for the sabbatical. 
2017/01/20 I presented a poster at the Society for Personality and Social Psychology in San Antonio.
2016/09/03 I was invited to give a talk at S-ken at Tsukuba University.
2016/08/31 Got nominated for the Teacher/Scholar travel award from SPSP. Thank you!
2016/08/02 Presented a poster at the Congress for the International Association for Cross-Cultural Psychology. The next one will be at the Japanese Society for Social Psychology in September. 
2016/07/24 Finished a 2-day intensive lecture at Tsukuba University.
2016/04/01 Got promoted to full professor!
2016/03/28 My paper on the revised compassionate goals and self-image goals got accepted in the Japanese Journal of Psychology. 
2016/02/05 I presented a poster at the Society for Personality and Social Psychology at San Diego.
2015/09/16 Here comes the new term!
2015/09/03 My paper on amae got accepted in the Journal of Social Psychology.
2015/08/14 Shimizu Moto's senior thesis got accepted in Self and Identity.