2021/03/20 Five students will be graduating this year. Congratulations! 
2021/01/09 Happy new year! The final research presentation on 1/11 will be on Zoom. Please contact me if you wish to attend. 
2020/12/19 The research on dissent expression that I started in 2017 finally got published in JPR! You can download it for free  until 2021/2/7.
2020/10/25 The final research presentation of the graduating students will take place on January 11th (national holiday) from 13:30. I hope our alumni can make it too! 
2020/10/20  I had the honor to go to Niikawa in Toyama to give a talk on altruism. 
2020/09/21  Welcome back to school. Most courses will remain online but luckily, I will get to see my seminar students in persons from October. Students have come up with interesting ideas for their senior thesis. I am sure it will be another very busy but productive term.
2020/05/24  We welcomed 7 new students in the seminar. I hope we can all get together soon! 
2020/02/04 I will be giving a talk at the Asian Conference on Psychology and the Behavioral Sciences (ACP) on March 27.  
2020/02/04   I will be presenting a poster at the Culture preconference of SPSP. 
2020/01/13 So glad to see many alumni join us for the end of the year research presentations. Thank you for providing comments and questions. Congratulations to the current fourth year students on finishing up your graduation theses! 
2020/01/01   Happy new year! My year's resolution is to write a review paper. With an increased administrative responsibility, the challenge is to use my time wisely.
2019/12/03 The talk at Chukyo University was a great opportunity to receive comments from experts in fields other than psychology. Thank you to all of you who attended! 
2019/11/22 On Dec 3, I will be giving a talk at Chukyo University in Nagoya. Please join me if you happen to be nearby. (The talk will be in Japanse) 
2019/11/9 I presented my research on the cultural difference in helping behavior at the Japanese Society for Social Psychology. Thank you to all of you who gave me excellent comments afterwards!
2019/10/03 This year's thesis presentations will be on Monday January 13th from 15:30 (National holiday). I hope our alumni can join us!  
2019/09/15   My prayers are with the people at Nankaiso Hotel in Sourthern Chiba...
2019/09/13 I presented at the conference for the Japanese Psychological Association in Osaka on the topic of self-compassion and amae.
2019/07/29 First summer camp for our seminar group. We went through 3-hour research presentations near the beautiful beach in Shirahama, Chiba. 
2019/07/26 Thank you all for joing the LOVOT workshop.
2019/07/11 I presented a paper at the Asian Association for Social Psychology in Taipei, Taiwan. 
2019/05/17 This year, we will be having our very first summer camp! Stay tuned!
2019/05/13 We organized a dinner party to welcome five third year students to the seminar. Thank you to all the alumni who joined the festive!
2019/04/17 Back to Japan after spending a year at Stanford. Fully charged for a new academic year. My deepest gratitude to Dr. Toshi Sasao from ICU who was in charge of the seminar while I was away. 
2018/03/26 I will be spending a year at Stanford. How fortunate!
2017/08/04 My paper got accepted in the Asian Journal for Social Psychology! “Adult’s Amae as a Tool for Adjustment to a New Environment”
2017/04/12 My first book got published from Seishin-shobo pub"
2017/04/07 The new academic year has began. I am teaching Intro to Psych for the first time in two years.
2017/03/24 Four graduates embarked on a new stage of life. Congrats everyone!2017/01/31 I got a research grant (Fund for the Promotion of Joint International Research) from the Ministry of Education that covers my research and travel expenses for the sabbatical. 
2017/01/20 I presented a poster at the Society for Personality and Social Psychology in San Antonio.
2016/09/03 I was invited to give a talk at S-ken at Tsukuba University.
2016/08/31 Got nominated for the Teacher/Scholar travel award from SPSP. Thank you!
2016/08/02 Presented a poster at the Congress for the International Association for Cross-Cultural Psychology. The next one will be at the Japanese Society for Social Psychology in September. 
2016/07/24 Finished a 2-day intensive lecture at Tsukuba University.
2016/04/01 Got promoted to full professor!
2016/03/28 My paper on the revised compassionate goals and self-image goals got accepted in the Japanese Journal of Psychology. 
2016/02/05 I presented a poster at the Society for Personality and Social Psychology at San Diego.
2015/09/16 Here comes the new term!
2015/09/03 My paper on amae got accepted in the Journal of Social Psychology.
2015/08/14 Shimizu Moto's senior thesis got accepted in Self and Identity.