Here are the scales I developed over the years. Feel free to use them in your research. I would be interested in hearing the results you might get out of this scale! 


Culturally Invariant Compassionate and Self-Image Goals Scale (18 items)


Niiya & Crocker (2019)
Please use this scale if you are conducting cross-cultural studies on compassionate and self-image goals. This scale has been found to have similar factor structures and factor loadings in the U.S. and Japan. This scale also has the advantage of distinguishing likable, competent, and avoidant self-images. 
Culturally Invariant CSI Scale

The Revised Japanese Compassionate and Self-Image Goals Scale (22 items)


新谷 (2016)
Revised Japanese CSI Scale

The Japanese Translation of Compassionate and Self-Image Goals Scale (10 items)

思いやり目標と自己イメージ目標尺度(Crocker & Canevello, 2008 の日本語訳)

Niiya, Crocker, & Mischkowski (2013)
This is the first Compassionate and Self-Image Goals Scale I translated for cultural comparisons. All the items were adapted from the original scale by Crocker & Canevello (2008). Reliabilities are low, given the small number of items. 
もともとのCrocker & Canevello (2008)に近い尺度です。全10項目。
First CSI Scale 

Time Perception Scale (12 items)


Niiya (2018)
Here is a scale that measures how people perceive their time as a nonzero-sum vs. zero-sum resource. 
Time Perception Scale